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Negami Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) is conscious of the importance of your personal information and shall observe all applicable laws to handle any personal information in a fair and proper manner with awareness and responsibility in order to develop better products and provide better services.The company understands that it is our social responsibility to protect any personal information and secure the confidence of consumers, and provides the following measures and activities to protect it.

Privacy policy

The Company considers its appropriate protection of personal information as very important.This information includes the name,address,telephone number of all concerned parties such as customers and business contacts, in other words information that can identify an individual customer(hereinafter referred to as “personal information”).The company always understands the societal responsibility and observe privacy protection and all applicable laws and regulations, and establishes the following basic policy to conduct business activities.

  • The company shall specify the purpose of utilization of personal information as much as possible at the time of collection and collect it in a legal and fair manner.
  • The company shall handle such information within the scope necessary for the achievement of this purpose and business.If the company needs to use personal information beyond the bounds of the purpose agreed upon,unless otherwise stipulated by law,we shall obtain your agreement before using.
  • The company shall create position,the management representative,to handle personal information and store personal information safely so that there is no unauthorized access to, or loss, falsification or leakage of personal information.
  • The company shall not provide your personal information to a third party unless otherwise stipulated by law and agreed by you.The company shall take appropriate measures to prevent leakage or outflow of the Personal Information if it supplies personal information to third parties.
  • The company shall handle requests from you for disclosure, correction, addition and deletion of your personal information in a prompt and reasonable fashion.
  • The Company shall observe all related laws and other regulations and strive for the continuous improvement and expansion of efforts towards all the above.
  • The Company shall inform all board members, staff members(including contract employees and temporary employees) and industry insiders about this Privacy Policy and each member recognize the importance and try to build a new corporate culture to carry out.

Collection and use of personal information.

If the Company receives personal information,in principle, it shall use personal information only for the purpose of company’s group products,services, the relevant information offering or improvement and response to your inquiry (in addition,if each service has different purpose,the company uses it within each purpose). If the information is used for any other purposes,the company will inform the purpose of use in advance when the information is provided by you.

Disclosure, correction, deletion of your personal information

The following are request procedures about the personal information provided by you. For further information,please contact the company.
Please contact the department (for example,Web site department)you gave your personal information.As we will send you a prescribed request form, please fill out this form and send it to us by mail.In addition,to protect customers’ personal information from leakage,the company will respond only to your request(except for legal representative).
(2)Necessary papers
Please provide us with necessary papers such as prescribed request form and a copy of driving license or residence certificate.
(3)Response procedures
About your request we received, the company will confirm your registration information and respond to your request in writing.The company might not be able to respond to your request if the identity of the applicant cannot be confirmed. Please note that we try to respond in quickly but it may take a while to respond in order to give you a precise answer.

Access logs

Information on you who access our website is recorded in the form of access logs. Access logs contain your IP address, the type of browser and OS used, the access time and other information. However, rest assured that the access logs do not contain information that can identify an individual.

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