Exhibited at “Matching HUB Hokuriku 2022”.

Matching HUB Hokuriku 2022″ was held at ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Kanazawa on November 17 (Thu.) and 18 (Fri.), 2022.
Our company exhibited a booth on the 18th (Friday) when the panel exhibition was held.

Matching HUB Kanazawa Hokuriku” is an industry-academia-government-finance collaboration matching event
The event is a matching event for industry-academia-government-finance collaboration in Hokuriku, aiming at regional revitalization, creation of new industries, and human resource development.

About 60 people visited our booth.
It was a great opportunity for us to interact with people from various industries and for them to get to know our company.
We hope that the relationships we established this time will lead to new businesses and technologies.

Thank you very much for coming to our booth.

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