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Takeshi Nishita
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We keep our “identity =corporate culture”

――You were appointed as the fifth president in November, 2019. What kind of management are striving for?

When the company was founded (1972), President Tsuji managed based on thought that “the company protects the employees’ human life” and “we take care of our suppliers and partner companies like we take care of our clients.”

President Sugano, who took over the management reins in 2007, grew this company up to 120 employees and ¥ 6 billion in sales by improving the work environment such as working conditions and welfare with his motto that “we always meet customers’ demands and are helpful.”

What I am thinking about as I inherit their accomplishments is that I would like to preserve the “identity of Negami Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. = company culture” more than anything. In the corporate management world, there are “things you can change” and “things that you definitely should not change”, but I would like to prioritize “the things that we definitely should not change.”
Those are the three words that I said “ “ above.

We have grown into a company with over 100 employees now, I want to move toward the future by checking in with everyone again and treasuring our company culture which prior presidents have preserved.

Creating unique products which other companies cannot

――What kind of manufacturing products are you aiming to create?

Our products can be found in some fashion or another in all industries except for pharmaceutical and food. Our products cannot be seen because they hardly take a leading role, but rather play a supporting role. However, our products are indispensable and without them you cannot create the products you need.

We don’t create products that everybody can make. What we are aiming at is manufacturing products which nobody has made. We are aiming to create custom products which simply fit into customer needs with pinpoint accuracy.

We aim to manufacture products that meet new challenges and customer demands.

Communication creates innovation

――What can employees expect?

“I belong to the ●● department, so I don’t know about the ▲▲ department.” – I warn not to make this sort of statement. It is impossible to complete the work without cooperation from other departments, and I believe that new things can be born only from the active exchange of knowledge and opinions among employees beyond departments, positions and hierarchy.

Innovation cannot happen where there is no free and active communication.

Continue to be an organization where each employee’s face can be seen

――The new factory was built and there is a plan for a research building. What do you think about future expansion?

We will continue to enhance the necessary facilities in order to improve product development. I think we can increase our supply capabilities by improving operational efficiency because the new factory that we built has more room to handle.

I would like to remain in our current size of about 130 employees for the future. This is because it still allows me to recognize each employee’s face. The strength of Negami Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. is going beyond boundaries and bringing together everyone’s strengths to create unique products. In order to remain such a company which continues to create innovation, I think “Small but Excellent” is a very important phrase.

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