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Features of Acrylate Polymer, PARACRON

  1. PARACRON is Acrylate polymer derived from acrylate monomers such as ethyl acrylate, butyl acrylate, 2-ethylhexyl acrylate. Acrylate polymer has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, flexibility, and transparency.
  2. PARACRON is produced by suspension polymerization in water without the use of emulsifier and coagulant.
  3. High-purity PARACRON has superior metal corrosion resistance and water resistance compared to emulsion polymerization polymers.
  4. PARACRON is supplied as a liquid solution product dissolved in various organic solvents or diluted with monomers.

Polymer design technologies of Acrylic Polymer ”PARACRON”

  • Glass transition temperature (Tg) ; -60 to +85 ℃
  • Molecular weight ; 200,000-1,500,000
  • Functionalization ; carboxyl group, hydroxyl group, epoxy group, and other
  • Biomass based polymer

Applications of acrylate polymer, PARACRON

  • Display related products
  • Printed circuit board related products
  • Coating material for fabric
  • Structural adhesive
  • Texture  Modifier for skin
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