Urethane acrylate
Urethane acrylate

Urethane acrylate

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Features  of urethane acrylate, ART RESIN

  1. Urethane acrylate is obtained by reacting an isocyanate group-having urethane prepolymer and hydroxyl group-having acrylate and/or methacrylate.
  2. Urethane acrylate exhibits toughness and wear resistance.
  3. Urethane Acrylate is garnering wide spread attention for its low-polluting, energy saving properties and high productivity compared to thermosetting resin and two-pack curable resin.
  4. “ART RESIN” has a wide range of products from low hardness to high hardness, and has a wide variety of high molecular weight type products(Mw around 50,000).

Polymer design technologies of urethane acrylate, ART RESIN

  • Urethane linkage content
  • Molecular weight (Mw) 500 to 100,000
  • High viscosity (to 200,000mPa.s)
  • Highly pure polymer (reduce impurities, such as tin, alkaline metal and halide)
  • Polymer structure control; straight-chain and branched-chain
  • Functionalization ; carboxyl group, hydroxyl group, epoxy group, and other
  • Biomass based polymer
  • Emulsion products

Applications of urethane acrylate, ART RESIN

  • Display related products
  • Electronic devices related products
  • Printed circuit board related products
  • Building material
  • Coating material for fabric
  • Paints
  • Structural adhesive
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