Custom polymerization
Custom polymerization

Custom polymerization

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Strong points

Our production facility is built to produce various kinds of products in small lots and build its production and research system to meet the requirements of customers. In addition, I receive the production trust.

  1. Polymerization Technology ; We have the technologies of suspension polymerization in water, solution polymerization, bulk polymerization, emulsion polymerization, and more.
  2. Manufacturing Technology ; We can consistently produce acryl, urethane and urethane acrylate polymers from polymerization to washing, drying, re-dissolution.
  3. Development of functional polymers ; We can functionalize by utilizing a wealth of engineering technique such as oligomers, high molecular weights, introduction of functional groups, and spherical Crosslinking fine particles.
  4. Contract manufacturing (staff) ; We are the development-driven company that the researchers make up about 30% of all employees. From lab examination to mass production, our researchers will help you.


reaction system

100 to 6000L(SUS) x 35 (It is three engines in inner Fukui factory)

R pot in Fukui Factory
R pot in Fukui Factory
G pot in Head office No.6 factory
R pot in Head office No.2 factory


continuous x 5
batch-type x 11

Drying system

hot air boxy drying machine x 6
vacuum dryer 1 to 15 x 7
flash dryer x 4


wind power classifier x 8


2500 to 5000L (SUS) x 4


flat bead mill x 1



-flue tube mode
-through flow type

*effluent treatment facilities

-conventional activated sludge process x 1
-pressurized flotation x 1

*cleaning facilities

-high pressure type x 4

*privately-owned electrical power facilities

-diesel dynamo x 4

*deodorizing equipment

-catalytic heat type

*water cooler facilities


  • ordinary warehousing
  • hazardous-materials warehousing
  • explosion-proof automatic warehousing
  • cold storage warehouseing
  • low-temperature storage
  • constant temperature storage
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