Environmental policy
Environmental policy

Environmental policy

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We always think about what we can do to preserve the beautiful earth environment.

Environmental Philosophy

Our company design, develop,produce and market various polymer-based chemicals.With this in mind,we continually work to conserve the environment and reduce the effects on the environment through natural resources saving, energy saving, recycle activities. Our management are all earth-friendly.

Environmental policy

  • We will maintain and maintain our environmental management system to improve environmental performance, set goals, review as necessary, and make efforts to continuously improve.
  • We make a continuous effort for general business pollution prevention and the reduction of energy saving, natural resources saving and waste products.
  • We will strive to prevent pollution, conserve energy and resources, and reduce waste to protect the environment during our business activities.
  • Our company comply with environmental legal requirement and other requirement we agreed.
  • We inform all staff members about this Green Policy and actively disclose information on our website and try to be in harmony with the society.

Cleanup effort

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