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Welfare Hall “Green Club”

Negami Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd think that we can generate large-scaled idea and cultivate humanity through nurturing of human resources that can support the company.

We think we can produce high growth of the company and staff members by using our time well at work as well as outside of work.
Green club was completed on November, 1984 based on this idea.

Company cafeteria

Meals are free to refill from the daily menu. It’s time to eat a lot and nourish your spirit.

Bathroom, Training Room, Relaxation Room

Training and bathing are also possible after work.

The training room is equipped with running machines and strength training equipment.
The relaxation room is free to use and you can spend a relaxing time drinking coffee and chatting.

Overseas training for its employees

Negami Chemical conducts overseas employee training. The creative imagination that supports Negami Chemical is also cultivated from such places.

Past Destinations/Cebu Island,Hawai, Australia, Singapore, Seoul, Taiwan


Lending of work clothes and provision of work shoes

Lending of work clothes twice a year. (Winter clothes and summer clothes.)

Provision of work shoes.

Rent subsidy

We provide rent subsidies to employees who meet the requirements set by the company working at the head office and Fukui Factory.

Dietary assistance

Daily menus are available at low prices.

Influenza Vaccination 

Free personal burden

Benefit Station Corporate Membership

Travel and leisure, sports, gourmet, shopping, childcare, health, self-development, etc.
A variety of services are available.

Retirement Benefits System

Smaller Enterprise Retirement Allowance Mutual Aid System Defined Contribution Plan


GLTD(Group Long Term Disability)

Group Insurance System

Asset Savings System

Employee Stock Ownership system

For employees who have been with the company for more than three years

Congratulatory and condolence money system

Wedding gifts, birth gifts, birthday gifts, children’s entrance gifts, incense, etc.

Other Systems

Social insurance schemes (Health Insurance・Welfare Pension Insurance・Employment insurance・Workers’ compensation insurance)

Childbearing leave program,Care leave system

Golf membership available

Tea heater,Water server             

Measures against heat stroke (Provision of sports drinks, salt candy, and ice cream)

Separation of smoking areas

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