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Themoplastic polymer with excellent weather resistance and transparency

Hi Pearl mainly consists of thermoplastic methacrylic ester polymer particles. Having high molecular weight with narrow molecular weight distribution, excellent in weather resistance, transparency.Not only used in powder form, can be used in solvents/monomers.


Spherical cross linked fine particle polymer with excellent solvent resistance and dispersibility

Art Pearl is spherical cross linked fine particle polymer. As an organic filler Urethane type used in the area which requires excellent flexibility, toughness, low temperature stability and scratch resistance and (meth)acrylate type is used for the application which requires excellent weather resistance. Also pigmented types are available.


Urethane acrylate oligomer and reactive urethane polymer

Art Resin is urethane acrylate oligomer and reactive urethane polymer which is widely used in the area of EB, UV, visible light, room temperature curing type resin, modifier.The cured material can be constructed from rubber like type to high cured material. It is environmental friendly due to no solvents and cured with low energy. It can be used for plastics which cannot be heated.


Acrylic polymer with excellent flexibility and tackiness

Thermoplastic acrylic ester polymer with excellent weather resistance and adjustable flexibility, tackiness and adhesion.


Reactive acrylic polymer

This is a reactive acrylic polymer containing a reactive group in a side chain of the acrylic structure. It shows great adhesion to various substrates, and excellent weather-resistant.
We can supply a non-solvent type, and also arrange for soft to hard types. As this is a UV curing type of resin, so it can be called an Eco-friendly and energy-saving product.