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CSR Policy

CSR Policy

CSR Policy

In order to coexist in harmony with society and nature and to realize our corporate philosophy, Neagari Kogyo promotes the following CSR activities.

  • We will fulfill our Corporate Social Responsibilities toward the creation of a sustainable society.
  • In addition to respecting basic human rights, we value safety and health, and engage in environmentally-friendly corporate activities.
  • We will contribute to our customers, business partners and the development of society through fair and honest corporate activities in compliance with laws and regulations.

Action Guidelines

  • Creation by matching needs and seeds
  • Identification of value in line with the changing times
  • Pursuit of maintenance and development of humane lifestyles
  • Promotion of safety and health
  • Development of an open cultural climate that enables bold challenges and a cheerful corporate culture
  • Prohibition of discrimination based on nationality, religion, gender, race, etc
  • The spirit of give and take
  • Environmentally-friendly business activities
  • Coexistence with local communities
  • Prohibition of bribery, corruption, fictitious transactions and other unfair dealings
  • Ban on relations with anti-social forces

Oct. 1, 2020
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Takeshi Nishita,the CEO