To look for the limitless future of polymer, Wekeep thinking and trying
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Research and Development

Research and Development

The origin of development can be in an experiment.

We all feel sure we can contribute to the community and people’s lives by following the policy of producing creative products that lead the world’s technology(no matter what the product is only used for a small part of end item, if it is essential )and continue our research efforts.

One in three staff in our company is technology developer. We always take a stance of placing importance on technology development since the its establishment. The origin of development can be in an experiment.

We learn through trial and error and continuously create innovative products, no matter how small the product is.

We work on not only basic research by using single material but also applied research by using complex materials in excellent work environment along with analytical equipment and evaluative equipment etc.

Our current research and development

You can download the thing which Negami Chemical Industrial researches and develops than the following.

Analytical facility

▲Laser scattering particle size distribution analyzer

▲Gel permeation chromatograph system

▲Scanning electron microscope

▲UV curing system

▲Atomic absorption spectoro photometer

▲Dynamic viscoelasticity measuring device

▲1.Differential scanning calorimeter(DSC)
2.Thermogravimeter and differential thermal analyzer(TG-DTA)

▲Gas chromatograph mass spectrometer

  • *laser diffraction particle size analyzer
  • *high-performance liquid chromatograph(GPC)
  • *gas chromatography(GC)
  • *scanning electron microscope
  • *digital microscope
  • *fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analyzer
  • *thermal analyzer(TG-DTA/DSC)
  • *karl fischer’s aquameter
  • *potentiometric automatic titrator
  • *precision universal testing machines (autograph)
  • *viscometer
  • *abbe’s refractometer
  • *color-difference meter
  • *atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  • *xenon long life weather meter
  • *electric conductivity detector
  • *pH meter
  • *constant temperature and humidity room
  • *clean bench
  • *autoclave sterilize
  • *liquid particle counter