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Green Club

Green Club

Green Club

Negami Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd think that we can generate large-scaled idea and cultivate humanity through nurturing of human resources that can support the company. We think we can produce hight growth of the company and staff members by using our time well at work as well as outside of work. Green club was completed on November, 1984 based on this idea.

Green club is used as bases of free exchanges between company members and lively club activities.

Company cafeteria

Many company members laugh over lunch.They may have free refills on the menu of the day.It ‘s time to recreate themselves with eating a lot.

Common bathing area/Training facility/Employee lounge

They can enjoy the bath after work or training. Many company members have a pleasant chat at Employee lounge and Training facility.

Overseas training for its employees

Every two years, Negami provide overseas training for its employees.

“C power” that supports Negami and creative inspirations also come from these particular experience.

(Pictured from the top: 1st and 2nd Cebu Island training, 3rd Hawaii training, 4th Australia training)
(these photos, upper and left below are training program in Cebu ,middle below are training program in Hawai and right below are training program in Australia.)

Cebu Island training

Cebu Island training

Hwaii training

Australia training