To look for the limitless future of polymer, Wekeep thinking and trying
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Hiring Information Top

Hiring Information Top

For example,touch panel of "smart phone"
or "tablet PC","advanced adhesive" or
"foundation" of cosmetic product.
Our products are used for "those thing"
or "such place" which is right by you.

To make the world more interesting
by "C power", we create unprecedented
value with Negami's polymerization
technology and make suggestions.

We are seeking for new generation of our leaders.

We create something extra that larger companies can't do.

Negami has a total staff strength of 100 employees. It is a compact company in the industry. Select few and flexible,Precise communication and quick decision-making: We bring the characteristics into full play, we have developed many great products. We develop high added value products that larger companies can’t do for the niche market, and make suggestions.

We create innovative products with polymerization technology one after the other.

Negami’s strong point is polymerization technology. We create “polymer(macromolecule)”with various features by polymerizing raw materials “monomer” and changing in molecular structure freely. The product (polymer )created in such a fashion is provided as synthetic resin, adhesive, coating and cosmetic material in Japan and overseas.

The management that tries to improve quality rather than expanding scale.

We seek not sales but profits , not high-volume production but high-mix low-volume, and not low cost but high added value. Good things come in small packages: We try to be that kind of company.